Geographic Information Services


DMAP's cartographers have over 20 years experience in the field of cartography and are able to create seamless digital maps from a variety of sources -- be it field compilation sheets or extracting a window from a global digital database and adding proprietary data.
We can digitise your base maps and overlays to construct a map with attribute tables, allowing analysis of your data.
Structure your attributes in a database such as Oracle or Access, enabling you to integrate and manage large geographic datasets across the company.
Upgrade your GIS by converting your data into a format or database while maintaining the integrity of your data.
Our staff have experience in the following mapping software: ArcInfo, ArcView®, Microstation™, MapInfo® and ERMapper.
Our clients come from the oil and gas industry and telecommunications industries; local government; environment and natural resources agencies with extensive experience in constructing maps for use in the exploration, conservation and telecommunications fields.